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Our mission is simple. We exist to help you waste less food.

Our website notifies you when your groceries will go bad. You would then have an option to either use the food to cook something based on recipes we recommend or give the food away. By signing up, you can find people in your community who could use the extra food or find food charities nearby to donate food to.

Why should you care about food waste?

Did you know that the world produces enough food for 10 billion people? Where is all this food going to if everyone isn't being fed? Unfortunately it ends up rotting in rubbish bins. Households in the United Kingdom alone generate 7.1 million tonnes of food waste per year, out of which a huge 70% of the wastage could have been eaten. 1.2 million tonnes of food was thrown away in its packaging. If we use our resources efficiently, we could end hunger in the UK.
Another reason to be more aware of your food wastage is the cost to the individual of throwing things out. Each household loses roughly £200 per year by throwing out groceries they never use.

Join the revolution to make our food more efficient and end food wastage!


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